Why Men Need Girls For Sex Services

Several women in the escort industry are victims of human trafficking. They are forced to block their emotions and often suffer physical abuse. Call Girls are also manipulated by johns into sexual encounters that don’t satisfy their needs.


Buying sex may satisfy a man’s need to fulfill immediate sexual urges, or he may seek variety in his sexual experience. He may even seek out sex that he would not be comfortable having with his partner.

They are independent

Men who patronize prostitutes do so for a variety of reasons. Some of them are sexually frustrated by their wives or girlfriends, while others simply enjoy the no-strings attached intimacy of a red-light setting. Nevertheless, many of them are driven by a desire for emotional involvement and psychological stability. In a study of johns, sociologist Udo Gerheim noted that some imagine themselves to be having a genuine relationship with a sex worker based on mutual trust and affection. This is an erotic fantasy, but it also gives some men a sense of security and control that they may not feel in their relationships with their wives or girlfriends.

For example, James Ogilvy, 51, who works for a major financial institution in the city and has a wife of 26 years, says that he visits sex workers to satisfy his own borderline fetishist tendencies. His colleagues don’t know that he pays for sex with exotic women, whom he calls “exotic” because of their skin color, height, or accent.

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Other men use sex workers to supplement their erotic pleasures with an intellectual and sensual experience that they do not get from their partners. They also like the independence and sexual freedom that sex workers offer them. In addition, they like the fact that sex work is not as complicated or risky as real relationships.

Independent girls are more likely to meet the needs of their clients, so they will take care of them well and will never be rude or unhelpful. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves and have the ability to be assertive in a social situation. In a social situation, these girls are very confident and they can easily make new friends with ease.

In contrast, men who are not as independent tend to be more likely to be inconsiderate and insensitive toward their sex workers. This type of behavior can lead to a negative relationship between a client and the sex worker.

Several women in the sex industry are dealing with monetary problems. They need money to support their families and children. As a result, they need to choose sex work as a way to earn income.

They are good listeners

Some men who buy sex services say they do so for emotional involvement, psychic stability and empathy. These men, like John, Levi and Owen, take their work seriously and do not see themselves as pimps. They offer their clients emotional labor, such as listening to their problems and providing a safe space for intimate discussion. They also take their sex skills very seriously and offer a money-back guarantee if their client doesn’t have an orgasm.

These sex workers believe that they are more than just sexual providers; they are healers, friends and confidants. For Ellen, a 51-year-old government employee from Sydney, hiring a male sex worker was an emotional and sexual awakening. She had been suffering from low self-esteem since discovering that her husband of 25 years had been cheating on her with multiple women.

Escorts needed a man to talk with and to comfort her. She found that Owen, a 35-year-old man from Vancouver, was a good listener and was very understanding of her situation. Girls trusted him with her most personal and intimate secrets and he helped her to feel more comfortable about her sexual needs.